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Biography Workshops

Biography work offers an approach to think about your life story against the backdrop of archetypal life phases. It embraces holistic and spiritual understanding about the work of art that is a span of life. This work deeply supports meaning making, self-acceptance,  and a deeper sense of purpose.

Biography work helps to map these personal experiences against the backdrop of archetypal development – this can help us feel that we are part of a larger plan and intention, supporting us in moving from feeling like ‘life is just happening to me’ – to feeling  that we can engage creatively with our lives and feel empowered and on the right track.  The approach includes using varied creative exercises to access thoughts and feelings as methods that support the process. 

Biography work can help with issues such as:

  • A crisis in mid-career
  • Evaluation and reflection on next steps
  • Identifying values, beliefs and core life themes
  • Finding meaning for life events
  • Recognising life themes and patterns

Workshops are available in Biography work and can be used for personal and professional development for individuals wishing to explore their life themes in a creative way. This approach is also useful for relationship building when brought to groups and professional teams.

For further information please see www.biographicalcounsellors.org.uk

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