'Seeing Jane as my counsellor was a special time of my life.  I realise we may choose not to mention our counsellors as these are usually difficult times.  But with Jane, I felt very much that I met a person, a self, another human, also on a journey in life.  She accepted and loved me - as I was - and in gentle but surprising ways, encouraged me to speak from my inner self - at exactly the moment I needed to.  This brought healing to me." Anna 56


"I so much valued our time together and still draw strength from many of those conversations we had." Peter 48


"When I first met Jane, I knew I had hit a crisis point and was in a fragile state. Jane understood this from the outset and let me work through issues at a pace that enabled me to confront and deal with issues safely so that I didn’t fall into the precipice I was looking over. She guided me through some difficult moments and helped me to make progress through what was a very difficult time, in a gentle, structured and kind way. She never told me what to think, but helped me to think through myself and armed me with strategies for coping in moments of doubt which I will continue to use. I expect to have times when I need her again and know she will help with care, patience, understanding and most of all kindness." Jill 55


"This journey has been much more than just counselling, it has been a chance to explore what it means to speak openly and genuinely with another person, and for that to be life changing in ways I couldn't have expected." Rebecca 23


"Jane offered such a warm and supportive place where I could be me, where I could finally speak out and understand what I needed differently in my life." Emma 37








* All names have been changed

Jane Chase

Dip.Biog Couns

BACP Accred

Systemic Psychotherapist

(in advanced training)


Stroud, Gloucestershire




07794 910 749


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