Further information about Counselling

Do I need to be referred?

No. Private counselling is an arrangement between you and myself alone. Sometimes it is important to inform your doctor, but this isn't a requirement.


What can I expect in a counselling session?

A session lasts an hour. Longer sessions might be considered useful and discussed on an individual basis. Weekly sessions are recommended. Between sessions clients might process and think about what was discussed, and at times it might be suggested that you do something specific outside of the therapy sessions, such as reading a relevant book or keeping a journal.


The session itself will include talking and sharing your questions, thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it will also include drawing and writing things down if this feels like a method that suits you.


What benefits can I expect from working with a counsellor?

A number of benefits are often experienced.

  • To feel like someone understands what you are going through.
  • To find fresh perspectives on your situation.
  • To have a chance to take 'time out' and be with your own thoughts and feelings.
  • A chance to better understand what you want and need.
  • To develop tools that can help you.

How often do I need to come?

Six to eight weeks is a suggested minimum number of sessions and can sometimes complete a process although generally people find they need longer. Each persons needs vary and length of time would be discussed on an individual basis.  I also work open-endedly for long term work.

How does counselling work?

We all have times of crisis and difficulty in our lives. Sometimes we are able to consider these times as opportunities for our own growth and development and a chance to move something forward. A counsellor will help you untangle emotions and thoughts so you can find clarity with the things that are troubling you.


Developing a trusting relationship is central to the counselling process. This means that the therapist and the client work together to discover how to take the steps towards change at a pace that is both manageable and effective. This leaves the client feeling listened to, supported and acknowledged - all of which can be deeply affirming.


Counselling also offers the chance to identify and strengthen your own innate resources. Knowing yourself is an important part of the change process.


Most importantly it is a space for you to have a chance to reflect on how you feel and what you think. When we are given this opportunity, we can often work out for ourselves what we most need.


How do I find the right person for me?

Finding the right counsellor or psychotherapist is one of  the most important aspects of therapy. Each therapist will have their own way of working even if they have completed the same course! It's ok to spend time looking around, and also questioning your prospective therapist in order to find out if they will be the right person for you. Coming for one or two sessions will help you know if you have found the right person.  It is important to find someone who is registered, insured and fully qualified.


What do you charge?

Individual Counselling: £45.00 per hour.
Couple Counselling: £60.00 per hour.
Family Counselling: £70.00 per hour.


I am sometimes able to offer concessions which can be discussed together.