Individual Counselling

My appraoch engages with three factors which are intimately entwined and part of understanding life as a unique and purposeful journey suporting you to bring your deepest self to its fullest potential.

  • To address the healing of difficulties and wounds from the past
  • to generate a capacity for living a present, fulfilled and healthy life in your everyday current situation
  • to cultivate a sense of purpose and meaning for the future.


These questions are designed to sit alongside whatever it is that you are brings you to counselling. Within this there are no wrong questions, feelings or issues - everything that is a block to living your life from your deepest source is valid. 


I offer a supportive space where you can explore your questions safely to make the changes and have the understanding you are looking for -  even if you don't yet know what that might be when you begin.


I offer both long and short term work depending on what you need. This will be regulary discussed with you as we go along.


You might come because you experience the following:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Relationship difficulties of any kind
  • Disruptive eating patterns
  • Self harming behaviour
  • Life crisis
  • Bereavement and loss
  • A lack of creative and purposeful living
  • Family difficulties
  • Unresolved childhood issues

 For more information have a look at the Biographical Counselling page.