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“The problem is the problem – not the person”
Michael White


Relationship Therapy

Relationship psychotherapy, helps you address practical, emotional and sexual issues within your intimate relationship. It can be for any partnership that is having difficulties whether you are living together, apart or separated, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or length of time together.

We all have times when our patterns of relating could be improved. Struggles, trying to work things out and ups and downs are a normal part of any relationship. However, if issues are getting repeated, and unhelpful or limiting patterns are making either one of you unhappy, then you might want to consider therapy. Being able to talk things through with someone outside of your relationship can give you a space to reflect and find ways to respond in new and potentially different ways.  I aim to make it possible to address violence and aggression, sex, sexuality and intimacy, and other areas that may be difficult to talk about. My aim is to offer you a safe place to have difficult conversations, to make a difference in your relational patterns and to feel more heard and validated in your relationship.

Systemic therapy is characterised by its collaborative, non-blaming approach that focuses on the relationship between you rather than any fault lying with one individual. As part of our work we will consider how influences of past relationships, family experiences, different life contexts may be impacting on the relationship patterns you are in.  I am open to sharing ideas, tools and ways of working that have helped others - we can discuss what approach you are looking for when we meet.

I have helped couples with the following issues:

  • Where trust is diminished
  • When an intimate connection has  changed or been lost
  • Where affairs and betrayal have impacted the relationship
  • Where communication needs improving
  • Where issues from the past seem unresolved
  • When bereavement and loss has impacted on the relationship
  • Where one of you feels the relationship has come to the end
  • When both of you want an amicable end
  • Anger and aggression
  • Long term illness and limiting life conditions

Where do we start?

I suggest an initial consultation with you together. This is an opportunity to meet me and see if I feel like the right person for you both to work with. This lasts 1hr and is charged at the hourly fee.

What happens next?

I usually suggest weekly meetings. Sometimes it may also be useful for me to meet you each separately as part of the process. These individual sessions are charged at the same price as couple sessions.

How many sessions will we need?

This is something that will be decided together. I do regular reviews of our work to ensure we are keeping on track with the focus of the work.

I am already having counselling/psychotherapy, can I do both at the same time?

Yes. Having couple therapy and individual therapy at the same time can be helpful. I would always suggest discussing this with your existing therapist.

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