Biographical Counselling

Biographical Counselling has at its heart an understanding that each person lives with a body which is our physical nature, a soul that is rich and complex in thoughts,  feelings and paradoxes and always shifting, and a spiritual nature, an eternal element greater than myself which invites mystery and an acceptance of the unknown. Biographical Counselling takes the psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of reality equally into account.


Many of the current inner questions and challenges facing people are arising from an increasingly complex world situation. The outer structures of life (family, work, religion, organisations etc) can no longer be relied on. This can lead to an experience of losing the ground under our feet. What is increasingly the only reliable way forward is to find the ground of our inner experience, deepen the understanding of myself and to cultivate meaningful relationships.  Anxiety and depression is on the increase and we are living with a greater sense of uncertainty in an unstable world. Within this chaos and uncertainty there are increased opportunities to create change, to feel purposeful and become creative with our life. We have an increasing capacity to dig a little deeper into ourselves, to find what we believe in, to trust our experiences and to develop what is meaningful to us personally. This is essential if we are to live a life striving for inner peace and compassion and care for those around us and for the world in which we live.


Biographical Counselling understands the impact of early environment on development as well as the importance of cultivating individual intention and purpose for life. It works equally with the past, the present and the future.


Biographical Counselling aims to support each person to manage these sometimes profound and complex demands of our time by developing a greater sense of Self (or 'I' feeling). It uses the combined process of healing past or current experiences with self development and looks to engender a sense for the Self to be a creative force in life rather than a victim to it. We all have a unique life with stories and experiences that belong solely to each one of us.  What does this life say about me, who I am and what am I doing here, and what am I bringing to the world from the deepest part of myself? 


Biographical Counselling draws on the philosophy of scientist and spiritual researcher Rudolf Steiner. Its practice is also informed by core principles of counselling as founded by Carl Rogers, Karl Koenig and Martin Buber amongst others.



Jane Chase

Dip.Biog Couns

BACP Accred

Systemic Psychotherapist

(in advanced training)


Stroud, Gloucestershire




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